Value Added Products

Ticor Commercial Elite

Everything you need. Anyware you need it.

Quickly provide fast and accurate property information on the spot for your clients! Easy to Search, Share Reports, One-Click Communication and Transaction Documents.

Easy to Search

Use GPS to display a map and select a nearby profile, or simply search by address. Don’t know the address? Search by name or APN.

Share Reports

Share reports via e-mail with your device’s e-mail account, which is synced with the contacts on your device.

One-Click Communication

Easily connect with your Ticor Sales Executive or customer service.

Transaction Documents

View transaction documents and share via e-mail!

Easy to Get Started!

Visit or search “Ticor Commercial Elite” in Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the mobile app now. Then contact your Ticor Sales Executive for an account setup.

Logging In

To use Ticor Commercial Elite, you will need your TitlePro247 username and password and a security code, which should be provided to you by your Ticor Sales Executive.

Username and Password: Your account credentials.

NOTE: New TitlePro247 users will need to log into via a browser first to set up their account and accept the agreements before being able to log in.

Security Code:

The security code, which is provided by your Ticor Sales Executive.

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