Kimberly Bayles

VP, Business Development

Starting her career at a mortgage company and working her way up, Ticor Title’s Kimberly Bayles brings 25 years of experience in the title industry. She is currently a Vice President of Sales and works in residential real estate. Her wide range of experience and her extensive knowledge in both title and escrow allows her to provide support and expertise throughout her clients' transactions. With her dedication, drive, and knowledge, she has received 15 sales awards throughout her career. Her best day on the job so far was receiving Elite Status and being acknowledged in front of the organization.

Starting at Ticor in 2017, Kimberly’s favorite part about working at Ticor is the management she works with and the great people she has met along the way. Her clients describe her as a rock star who is always on top of everything and putting her clients first. Her favorite part of her job is cold calling; she loves the opportunity to meet new people and develop new client relationships. She feels a tremendous amount of accomplishment when she reaches out and speaks with real estate professionals and receives the commitment to do business together.

Kimberly was born and raised in Pico Rivera, California, and now resides in Newport Beach. Her favorite color is red, and feels like her most confident and powerful self in red. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and loves to hike, run, and partake in water sports.