Vanessa Le

VP, Business Development

Over the past several years, Vanessa Le has solidified her position as an innovator and powerhouse in the Southern California Title Insurance and Escrow marketplace.  With 27 years of experience to her name, she understands the complexities and requirements that arise during different types of market conditions.  From the stringent requirements set by governmental regulation to the intricacies and demands of institutional and private lender clients – she has a broad, but thorough knowledge and experience that she uses to introduce solutions to the unique situations of each of her clients in order to create mutually beneficial success in both favorable and also less-than favorable market conditions.
Her experience spans both residential and commercial – with experience in all phases of a commercial transaction.  From sectors such as construction refinance and resale loans, to leasehold financing and resales, her quest for and retention of knowledge that she applies to each of the transactions she handles is unmatched. Whether a client or their respective representative is buying, selling, or refinancing an apartment building, industrial or commercial space, or vacant land, Vanessa has the knowledge to answer questions as they inevitably arise, effectively and quickly.  With the backing of Ticor Title’s elite team of Title and Escrow Officers, her clients rest assured that their transactions are being handled by the strongest team of professionals in the industry. 

As Vanessa continues to evolve with ever changing market conditions, so too does her strategy to help her clients win on every real estate transaction she is party to.  She prides herself on the successful business that she has built and credits the exponential growth over the years to her dedication to her work, day-in and day-out. She is always available for her clients and her team alike – and to know her is to understand the dedication she has to the critical job at hand.  As she says, “I’m here to help my clients with knowledge and support. When you win, we all win.”